The secrets of the future… projects.

So, now that we’ve got our first game out, some of you might be wondering, what’s next for Witching Hour Games? Well, I’ll give you a little info on our next planned title, Candle.

Now, keep in mind that while we intend to work on Candle next, plans might change depending on whether we can put together a solid enough team for the project. However, Candle is the current next game in line.

To start with…

What is Candle?

Candle is an action-adventure game (the kind that for some reason nobody actually calls a Zelda-like even though that’s definitely what they should be called), with a heavy focus on manipulating lighting for combat and puzzle-solving.

In Candle, you play as a traveler from the surface world who has found themselves trapped in a cave system, with their only source of light being the namesake candle. Through a mix of alchemy, pyromancy, and ingenuity, you must survive the dangers of the caverns and either escape, or…

So how does it work?

The main mechanic of Candle is, as mentioned, lighting. Now, I won’t go into too much detail here, but generally speaking, more light good, less light bad, no light very very very bad you should run. By lighting up streetlamps, torches, and other lightsources, you create safe areas where your candle can be re-lit if need be, and where you can recover your bravery.

Bravery? Yes, bravery. The majority of enemies in Candle attack the protagonist’s mind as much as their body; your character’s Bravery is your shield and your sword that lets you fight back against them… but the darker it is, the faster it depletes. Running out of Bravery doesn’t make you helpless, but it certainly makes you much more vulnerable.

As for other mechanics, you have your HP and your Flame. HP is… HP. That’s pretty much it. Get hit, lose HP. Lose all HP, and you get booted back to your last checkpoint. Flame is the measure of how long your Candle will continue to burn for, as well as the fuel for your pyromancy. The more flame you have, the brighter your Candle’s light, and the longer it’ll stay lit for.

Wait, pyromancy?

Yes, Pyromancy! Your character isn’t really a fighter by trade… but they know chemistry (or as the denizens of the caverns tend to call it, alchemy), and the Candle has decided to give them a little boost besides… you aren’t going to be swinging a sword around here; in your tutorial dungeon, all you’ll have is a bag of flash powder and a short-ranged burst of flame that you should probably be careful not to overuse… the candle that burns twice as hot burns twice as quick, after all.

After that… well, you’ll pick up more moves, some extra bags to store various incenses and incendiaries… but you won’t get a sword, and even if you did, your character wouldn’t know what to do with it. No, this is a game where you have to use your resources carefully if you want to make it to safety in one piece.


So, there’s a bit of info about Candle for you. I have a pretty good feeling about this game, although there’s still the chance I might wind up doing a few more simple puzzle games first. Stay tuned for further info!


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