Social Media

That’s right, Witching Hour Games is on social media now! …well, on Twitter at least. Facebook locked two accounts when I tried twice to set up a page. Thanks Facebook. I’ll make sure to send Mark Zuckerberg a fruit basket full of tomatoes over Christmas. Then he can spend all day confused and wondering if they’re actually fruits, or secretly vegetables. …maybe fungi. Or minerals, who even knows with tomatoes.

So, anyway, yeah, twitter feed is all set up, so feel free to follow us at @GamesHour (don’t blame me, I put in Witching Hour Games for the name, and that’s what it gave me. Twitter gets one fruit basket tomato. The rest can be actual fruit though). Here’s a link for those of you who want it:

So, for anyone interested in getting updates about games, inexplicable tomato-based ramblings, or whatever else happens to emerge from my mind, follow the company on there! I’ll also try to respond if you send any tweets my way.


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